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HKGenesis has been around since 2003. We are a modeling and entertainment agency with an e-commerce store that has been in place for several years. The agency is innovative and is in the business of providing models for companies across all industries, providing planning for high-end events, and offering a wide range of luxurious products within the fashion industry. We specialize in scouting and HKGenesis developing new talent and have been successful in marketing existing models.

Models within the agency have been able to work in an array of environments, including film, TV, still photography, runway, as well as promotional events. The work is not only in Hong Kong but throughout the region of the Asian Pacific.

The modeling agency prides themselves on offering a fresh perspective. We offer a lot of expertise within the world of fashion and modeling and this allows them to deliver diversity to our clientele. The company continues to provide customer service and has represented celebrities as well as up and coming talent.


HKGenesis has gained the reputation of providing hands-on experience and has been able to provide tailor-made events for its clients. Event management is an area where the agency has been involved for more than 10 years and this allows them to provide more to our clients. From grand openings to award ceremonies, HKGenesis continues to be a force to be reckoned with inside of the industry.

We have worked in a variety of venues throughout Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China, and have organized events of all sizes. It’s not uncommon for them to handle all aspects of an event and the number of participants have exceeded 1800; one celebrity event, for MC Jin, allowed him to break the Guinness World Record – and that has been maintained.

HKGenesis offers a unique approach to pricing. Not only do we have a low price guarantee, but we also charge cost plus a 10-15% management fee. This ensures that we remain affordable in comparison to the companies that charge based upon scale or complexity. The agency utilizes our network connections to provide a premium event.

The events that are held are evidence of the agency’s passion for creativity and customer service. The team is led by energetic individuals who treat every event as though it were our own.

Every event is approached in a custom way and artists, celebrities, and top models can be provided to ensure that the event is just as a client imagines. From conception to delivery, HKGenesis provides a quality event that takes care of the needs of all a client desires.

HKGenesis is also committed to offering some of the most luxurious brands on the market. The company features an e-commerce aspect on the site to offer some of the most competitive and favorable prices on the internet. Working with all of the best suppliers, there’s the ability for consumers to gain overseas brands. Watches, handbags, skincare products, health supplements, and much more are available. Our products are always evolving, though we cater to provide goods for and related to models and celebrities.

The products featured are all designed to serve models, celebrities, and those who want to look as though they are ready to walk down the runway. For more than 10 years, great products have been obtained as a result of maintaining professional relationships with suppliers. Many of the brands have been able to market their products via HKGenesis online, offline, and through exhibitions to be able to legally sell within the Hong Kong marketplace.

Hermes, Chanel, and various other brands are featured and this makes it easier for consumers to get the products they want the most. The company places a strong emphasis on fashion and is pleased to be able to offer products in addition to establishing events and providing a forum for models and actresses to gain employment. The inventory of products is continuously evolving based upon new trends as well as listening to what consumers want. While prices fluctuate on a regular basis, the company is committed to finding some of the best prices, and this is a direct result of the relationships that have been established.

HKGenesis loves to take on new projects and we offer a professional entertainment and event management portfolio where services encompass all that a person could ask for when it comes to obtaining models or planning an event as well as some of the top products related to the industry so people can find premium products at affordable prices.


At 2014, HKGenesis has diversified its business into 3 different businesses as follow:

1st Business:- HKGenesis remains its professions and expertise modeling, artist/celebrity, event management and production.
2nd Business:- 名人坊, the eCommerce and eDistribution specialist
  • 名人坊 provides head-to-toe eCommerce, eDistribution, online marketing and strategies, exclusive sales, promotional and advertising services to our clients, suppliers, and wholesalers for their online businesses.
  • 名人坊 runs an online shop – www.名人坊.com / www.CelebrityStyle.com.hk  名人坊 also strives to globally explore and source rare products and new innovations of existing products that are extraordinary and exceptionally valuable and beneficial to its customers.

adv JUNE 12 2015

  • 名人坊 was being invited by LUXIFY international luxuries trading platform – www.Luxify.com. 名人坊 is proud to announce that 名人坊 is officially in allies with LUXIFY.

Luxify char logo

 luxify homepage
**remark: The watches of 名人坊 were listed in the cover page of LUXIFY as feature products.**


3rd Business:- Due to 名人坊 success in exponentially grow and revolutionize their clientele online businesses in brand building and sales volume, we have become the Hong Kong / Macau / South China exclusive agents of our clientele. Therefore, our 3rd Business mainly focus on the offline part of our B2B and O2O, also the landline business as the role of exclusive agent.


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